The last post before Christmas

Today is the last day that I can send my Christmas cards unless they are for delivery on the island. Its been a challenge to find any cards as I am told they usually don’t go on sale until much closer to 25 December. Postage varies substantially based on weight and size.

So, now armed with my thin, light and small cards, I strolled (its over 30 degrees, of course I strolled) along to the Post Office to queue in line to be weighed and measured.

There are several Dodos at the Natural History Museum
There are several Dodos at the Natural History Museum

As usual, I am surprised by things on the way. For example I did not expect to see these toddler swimming inflatables on sale whilst queuing at the traffic lights.

Swimming aids for the under threes!
Swimming aids for the under threes!

Or this unusual purpose for a boat.

Staying afloat
Staying afloat

The streets are busy with preparations for the PORLWI festival of light which starts tomorrow night. I will cover that in another post.

Hey! Those umbrella have changed colour!
Hey! Those umbrellas have changed colour!

The Post Office is next to the Blue Penny museum.


Mauritius’ first two postage stamps were issued in 1847 and were the first stamps issued outside of Great Britain in any part of the British Empire. They were a red one penny and a blue two penny. Does this prove blues are superior to reds?

Screen Shot 2015-12-03 at 13.37.27
This letter with two stamps was sold by auction in 1993 for 5.75m Swiss Francs

Having bought all the stamps necessary, they all needed to be licked and applied before posting. Having been used to self adhesive ones for a while now, it was strange to taste the glue which I can assure you was strong and sticky and got on my fingers too!

17 rupees stamp (£0.31)
17 rupees stamp (£0.31 or €0.45)

My total postage was the equivalent of £13.32 and seemed good value to me but will they arrive before Christmas?

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