Stunning sunset in Tamarin

Sometimes a view can stop you right in your tracks and you can only wonder at the true beauty of the world we live in. Stunning is a word often over used yet it is only one of many superlatives that shout out to describe the sunset witnessed this week. The photos have not been manipulated with software or photoshopped, only cropped, and do not do justice to the moving light show that those who were looking were privileged to experience.

Tuesday 19th January at 18:54

It would have taken ten more minutes to drive home but I was impatient to stop and take in the beautiful sunset developing in front of me.

Tuesday 19th January at 18:56

I had pulled over into a lay by, crossed the road to look down over the cane fields before the sea at Flic en Flac on the West Coast and spent a few minutes taking some photos.

Tuesday 19th January at 19:00

The sky was changing colour fast so I decided to finish the drive home to continue taking photos from my balcony. I had to rapidly change my mind as the sky was suddenly going red or was it blue so I turned off the main road, went straight to Tamarin beach and ran from the car to the shore. It was spectacular.

IMG_1964 (1)
Tuesday 19th January at 19:08

No one was talking. It was very calm and peaceful, even the dogs had stopped barking and the birds tweeting. There were a handful of people watching the ever changing sky, some trying to capture the images on their phones, the only sound coming from the waves as they lapped on the beach.

Tuesday 19th January at 19:09

I wondered if the solitary body boarder was enjoying the view as well.

Tuesday 19th January at 19:11

A swimmer had been drinking in the view from the sea.

The colours suddenly were washed with light shades of grey, the vivid reds and blues quickly replaced with dusty pinks and oranges in the rapidly fading light. It went dark and then lighter again.

Tuesday 19th January at 19:17

Finally the view from the balcony.

..and then it was like this!

This was a staggeringly stunning sunset, indescribably beautiful and a natural phenomenon.  You just had to open your eyes to believe it.

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