Port Louis Central Market

This is an historic fruit and vegetable market right in the centre of the city, bustling with activity and character whilst offering the freshest of produce. The first things that hits you as you enter are the colours lit up by shafts of brilliant sunshine from vents in the roof. These photographs show this so much better than I can describe.

Very red tomatoes!
Egg plants
Fresh lychees
Fresh lychees straight from the tree

There are many stalls selling similar merchandise, everyone calling for customers in a very friendly way. Not many tourists are inside, they are outside the market seeking souvenirs in the adjoining street  (unlikely to have been made on the island though). One enterprising trader was even offering sliced vegetables ready to put straight into a soup.



Fresh ingredients for soup already sliced!
Fresh ingredients for soup already sliced!

A few stalls are offering herbs and spices, milled ones are the only thing you will find wrapped in cling film in this market. Some are offering herbs to cure any illness or impediment from asthma to gout, PMT to cellulite, even an aphrodisiac root is available for those who need it!

Onions, garlic, ginger etc.
Onions, garlic, ginger etc.
Herbs to cure everything
Herbs to cure everything

It was lunchtime during the visit and I was now feeling hungry. The street food on offer is exceptional, not only in taste but also in value. A Dholl Puri, probably the most popular Mauritian dish on offer, and a Farata cost 12 Mauritian rupees each (£0.22) and a glass of Alouda to drink it with, 20 rupees (£0.36). Delicious. It was a good recommendation to queue at Mr Maraz’s stall, his was the most popular too.



Cakes in various shapes and sizes looked very tempting but too filling for today; maybe next time.




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