Life in Mauritius has started!

After a few hectic weeks of packing, clearing, goodbyes and mild panic, Mauritian immigration greeted me warmly on my arrival at Plaisance airport. I am finally here, I thought. During my first few days on the island it has been a pleasure to meet so many friendly people who could not have done more to make me feel so welcome.

I have only had one real challenge so far that vexed me a little! I brought two suitcases with me and having opened the first at my temporary address (I move to Tamarin on the West Coast in December) I tried to open the second. The combination lock had jammed! Rather than resort to brute force I decided to leave it for the moment and manage with the clothes I had. I tried again a few days later and voila it opened as if by magic.

The weather has been splendid, the food delicious and the views amazing. You know you are in Mauritius when you see a view like I did in the wing mirror of my car on the first day I drove it from the dealer’s showroom.

Mauritius unexpectedly mirrored

Caudan waterfront was not too busy when I went for a walk and a cool drink in the afternoon. The shops were diverse and interesting and one walkway showed that umbrellas are not just there to keep the rain off! I am also looking forward to the freshly prepared vegetarian wraps at the Kauai restaurant.

Fresh and tasty wraps, salads and smoothies
A Walkway in the Caudan waterfront
Caudan waterfront looking up at Port Louis

I have had walks on the beach in Grand Baie, Pereybere, La Preneuse and Belle Mare  and obviously had to enjoy the sea; is the water really 25 degrees all year around?

Pereybere beach, near Grand Baie
Sunset on La Preneuse beach
Belle Mare beach in the afternoon

I managed to have an hour’s snorkelling in Blue Bay where I was amazed to see so many colourful fish so close to the beach.

Snorkelling in Blue Bay

This is a wonderful island with so much to explore, discover and enjoy.

5 thoughts on “Life in Mauritius has started!”

  1. I feel like pretty soon I’ll come to visit you in Mauritius: it looks to nice.
    If you host me I can cook some Italian past for you.
    What do you think about it?

  2. It looks fantastic. Glad to hear you are settling in. The scenery is obviously exceptional and the people very friendly + the bonus of vegetarian food options – we’ll be out to see you as soon as possible!

  3. What´s wrong with a winter in Bristol? It really looks terrible out there in the ocean. Irritating sand everywhere, hot and sweaty, strange language, lack of proper meat and far away from everything. I´m not jealous at all! I might come and visit you just to show my sympathy. Must be tough getting banished like that for only a small crime. Keep well!

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