Kung Shee Fat Choy

That is, Happy New Year to those who follow the Chinese celebrations. On 8 February, a public holiday let many islanders celebrate this with family, friends, food and fireworks!

The year of the monkey

A monkey symbolises unpredictability so that is what the Chinese predict for this year; who can predict what a monkey will do?

Even the supermarkets had tasteful displays
Many shops had decorated their windows accordingly

This restaurant had some interesting bottle decorations.

IMG_1142 (1)

Actor Leslie Phillips’ favourite Chinese restaurant

It is traditional to bring gifts for good luck. Two Chinese colleagues gave me some snacks to eat and take home.

Nian Gao in a red and gold bag (lucky colours)
Nian Gao, Prawn Crackers and something fried and crispy that tastes of doughnuts all delivered in a red and gold (lucky colours) bag

It was also a day when the Mauritius Meteorological Office issued a severe weather warning and it started to rain … heavily. Quite a relief as the temperature was in the late 20’s and 90% humidity causing serious strain on any recently applied anti-perspirant spray!

Michael Fish had predicted long sunny periods

A strong anti-cyclone and low pressure West-North-West of the island has intensified into a ‘tropical disturbance’. Gusts of 100km/h and serious rain left beaches empty and many sheltering indoors, watching films and eating popcorn.

The sea was warmer than it looks!
The sea was warmer than it looks!

Children don't mind swimming in the rain

Torrential rain turned into persistent showers in the early evening and then back into an electrical storm which knocked out the power in the Flic en Flac area. Driving back to Tamarin was exciting, the only light coming from the occasional other car but mainly from lightning crazily illuminating the landscape from the blackest of sky.

‘No electricity. How will I get into the apartment?’ There is an electric gate, keypad entry to the block, elevator to the apartment, air conditioning …. hmmm.’

Unsurprisingly, the security guard was awake and reluctantly pushed the gate open to let me in the apartment block car park. The keypad worked somehow, I climbed the stairs past the silent elevator and used the service door into the apartment.

I was home safe and sound.

The view from the balcony was incredible, the most amazing lightning, heaviest thunder, torrential rain.

Next time, I will be prepared to photograph it properly.

Note to self:

  1. Buy a tripod
  2. Read camera manual on photography at night
  3. Book diving lessons

Yes, it does rain sometimes in Mauritius, it is almost like being back in the UK!

The journey to work the next day had less traffic, all the schools were closed due to the weather, but there was a lot of surface water and flooding.

The wipers were struggling to keep up
Only overtaken on the inside seven times this morning!
If I heard it correctly, local radio say the bad weather will last for three more days

So there we have it, after three months for bathing in sunshine, I am now drowning in rain… and it is the summer!

Many roads were closed today due to flooding
This was the only way into the office car park after 9am, many roads and streets were closed due to flooding

P.S. The local newspaper, Le Mauricien, published the rainfall around the island in the last 24 hours.

Very glad I do not live in Mon-Bois

In case you don’t know what 77.6mm represents, …


Because of the weather, the Government is sending us home now!

It is expected to stop raining by Friday!


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