At the Barbers; The third cut

A haircut always makes a person feel fresher, cleaner and more awake. Heat, sun and humidity does the opposite. What happens when you combine them? Read on!


The same person has cut my hair for many years whilst running his award winning salon with maximum effect, so it was with some trepidation that I visited my first hairdresser (or barber as I am told, ladies go to hairdressers). In the heart of Port Louis, my ears throbbed to loud club music as my head was firmly pushed backwards into a black basin. I was asked what colour I wanted in my hair.

‘Pardon?’ I replied. He repeated the question several times as I was not only being deafened but unprepared for the question.

‘Nothing!’ I said. Apparently many men ask for black hair dye, which explains the colour of the sink. After the wash a peppermint smelling, scalp tingling rub was massaged into my wet (undyed) locks and I was led to the chair to be cut, Mauritian style!

‘Is that short enough?’ he enquired having run something borrowed from an Australian sheep shearing farm up the side of my head.

‘Well it is a bit late to ask me now!’ I replied, my right ear looking like a giant dried apricot stuck beside of my now shorn head.

‘No shorter, please‘, I stated firmly, a slight tremble in my voice.

Within seconds and array of different electric razors, chain saws and scissors attacked my hair from all sides. Minutes later there was more hair on the floor than in a Hollywood actors’ wig factory. Walking out later, feeling lighter and like my head had been squeezed between two lift doors it looked so narrow, I resolved to invest my £8 somewhere else next time.

The second, third and all subsequent haircuts were very good. I went to The Gentleman’s Emporium Barber Shop in Black River.No thumping music, good humour, no industrial shearing equipment and excellent two guys who really knew what they were doing.

Haircut 2
A throne to have your hair washed in, interesting things on the walls with an Irish theme and a wall for first timers to sign their name on.
Walls have ears but in Barbers’ they have mirrors
Feeling clean and tidy again … but where has my other ear gone? On the wall perhaps?

They have also opened a new shop in Caudan Waterfront next to the Labourdonnais Hotel.

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