A walk in the country


Is this the real Mauritius, I thought as I walked through glades of fir trees, stepped over cones and pine needles forming a soft, spongy mattress and out into a brilliantly sunlit clearing?


I had come to walk in the South on a baking hot day (or should that be a barking hot day?)

The wide open spaces gave no refuge from the unforgiving sun beating down. After climbing this hill it was back amongst the trees again.


It was so cool and refreshing to walk here, picking our way carefully downhill.


Cool streams of water tumbled over rocks reflecting the green canopy above.


Mushrooms occasionally sprouted from the undergrowth.


Now this actually did look like a real Christmas display at last!


The water was crystal clear and the air so fresh.


A few geese were getting disturbed on the walk

Each of these seeds will grow a palm tree

Near the exit, there was a simple house with a small garden and …


… a redundant tank for prawn cultivation! They kept climbing out and going for a walk in the night, allegedly!

You never know what you will find exploring Mauritius!


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